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iClass Builder is the web side of the iClass Builder platform.  This web app provides tremendous tools for creating or buying amazing classes for your students.  Build an entire library of awesome classes, with the ability to tweak each one every time the class is taught.  iClass Builder picks up where the original Class Builder let off with an entire Drills & Cues library to help you expedite class building and add real cycling drills at a mere click of a button. 

With the new platform we also allow you to share with up to 10 other instructors (all permission based) and for the really ambitious and experienced instructors you can even make a few bucks selling your classes to others.

The iClass Builder Player is what you use to deliver your class to your students. This mobile app (played on an iPod, iPhone or iPad) automatically generates a graphic ride profile, a graphical rendition of the ride that shows the changes in workout intensity, specifically synchronized with each song of the class.  The instructor can share this mountain-like profile on the Big Screen while they all ride, showing a vertical line that travels across the profile as the class progresses.


The iClass Builder Player is also loaded with tons of extras like an on-demand interval timer, ability to pause, skip ahead, or replay songs in your on the fly.  Instant album and artist info is also available at the tap of a finger.   Quickly review upcoming songs and cueing notes also from their respective break-out boxes.  All in all, Class Builder will take your “A game” to rock star status almost over night.

The original Class Builder has been out since 2011.  Many instructors are still using that product and have literally hundreds of classes already prepared and tweaked over the years.  With Conduit, these classes are all able to be moved over to the iClass Builder platform, but this utility app will no longer be available in 2021.

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